San Diego

San Diegans March in Impeach Donald Trump Rally

"This man is dangerous, this man is unconstitutional, he's got to go," one protester said

Hundreds of San Diegans came out to Downtown San Diego on Sunday to call for President Donald Trump's impeachment, saying the president was a dangerous man who abuses his power. 

Protesters gathered along the Embarcadero just before noon Sunday and marched Downtown, carrying signs and chanting. 

From his campaign's ties to Russia to his "unpresidential behavior," opponents say Trump is bad for the country. 

"What Trump has been doing all along has been hiding the truth," said Madeleine Falco, a Little Italy resident. "This is not a transparent president, his cabinet is not transparent."

Falco said that for her, it's about the lack of trust she has in the administration. 

"The American people know this man cannot be trusted," Falco said. 

Michelle Roberts, an El Cajon resident, came out to protest a president who she thought was abusing his power. 

"He's colluded, he's obstructing justice, he's abusing power," Roberts said. "I want him gone."

Other protesters, like Marianne Johnson, a San Carlos resident, said they believed Trump was a dangerous person to have in office. 

"This man is dangerous, this man is unconstitutional, he's got to go," she said. 

Trump supporters also attended the rally, bringing signs saying "Build the wall, Enforce the law!" The supporters came out in smaller numbers but were just as outspoken. 

"More people support him than are willing to say," one supporter said. 

From cracking down on illegal immigration to the travel ban on 6 Muslim-majority countries, supporters say the president is on the right track.

He may not always be presidential, but these supporters say that's okay. 

"That's why he got elected," another supporter said. "People are tired of these measured speakers, these drones who have speeches written by committees, they don't want that."

Organizers say San Diego's rally attendance ranked second, after Los Angeles' attendance. 

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