San Diego Drivers Lost 42 Hours in Traffic in 2014: Report

San Diego commuters lost 42 hours of their lives last year stuck in traffic, according to a new report.

The Texas A&M Transportation Institute’s report examined commute times in U.S. cities and money spent on fuel and time battling traffic.

As it turned out, San Diego’s traffic wasn’t so bad if you compare it to the rest of the major cities and notably, California.

America’s finest city was ranked No. 43 of 471 cities for time spent stuck in traffic.

Washington D.C. topped the list, with 82 hours battling traffic, and Los Angeles came in second, at 80 hours.

Two other California cities rounded out the top 5: San Francisco (78 hours) and San Jose (67 hours).

When it comes to how much San Diegans pay to sit in traffic, the report showed the average commuter paid $887 last year in fuel and that each hour stuck in gridlock cost $17.67.

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