San Diego

San Diegans Gather at Bars and Restaurants to Watch the Tokyo Olympics

With the Olympics underway the local excitement is visible in San Diego.

NBC Universal, Inc.

Local bars and restaurants are bustling with people watching the Tokyo Olympics and some are even hosting watch parties.

“Everyone’s been watching the Olympics we’ve had it on all the tv’s,” Shakespeare Pub Bartender Alex Cook said.

The first days of the Tokyo Olympics brought excitement to people who have been waiting for this moment for years.

“Sure, I’m excited because it only happens every four years,” San Diegan Jeffrey Read said.

Some people NBC 7 spoke with said they are watching specific events and others said they’re interested in all of the events.

“For me when I watch the Olympics I just like to see a bit of everything, I imagine it’s the same for a lot of people,” Cook said.

The moment is not lost on people who were anxious to see the Olympic games begin without any further delay.

“Since it only happens every four years you have to understand that these athletes have worked their tushes off for so long to get here and then up until a week or so ago they weren’t even sure they were going to compete,” Read said.

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