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San Diegans Eligible for Unclaimed Money Totaling $435K

San Diego County has $435,000 in unclaimed refunds, and the San Diego County wants the public to search the database to see who is owed money.

State law says court exhibit money unclaimed for two years, countywide money that is unclaimed for three years and property tax refunds that are unclaimed for four years must be turned over to the County’s general fund.

San Diegans, on the unclaimed money lists, have until Sept. 8 to claim the money from the San Diego County Treasurer-Tax Collectors.

Those who think they have unclaimed money should go the county's website.

In July, McAllister said he had $555,000 in refunds to return and $120,000 has been claimed, however, leaving $435,000 in unclaimed funds.

“My office is usually taking tax payments from property owners, so it’s nice to be giving back the money for a change,” said McAllister in a statement. “Only 60 people have filed claims, so the majority of the money will be rolled into the County’s general fund if it’s not claimed soon.”

The lowest amount is $10.12, and the highest is $60,140.92 to BALCOR by the County’s Planning and Development Services.

The money has gone unclaimed for two or more years.

Use the website to find out how to file a refund claim or call toll free (877) 829-4732. All claims can be emailed to

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