San Diegans Celebrate Last Weekend of COVID-19 Restrictions

It’s the last weekend before restrictions in California are lifted and people are already getting a head start on what’s going to be a beautiful weekend

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It’s a time to celebrate for many in San Diego because it’s the last weekend under COVID-19 restrictions. Some people are excited, others are still hesitant.

San Diego is known for its perfect weather, tourist attractions and beautiful beaches. Several families were out enjoying the water at Ventura Cove on Friday.

“It’s definitely been cooler lately so to get some of the May gray and June gloom cleared out and to have just really warm, sunny days at the beach is always the best,” Rachel Dillow said.

And the best is yet to come on June 15 when California will no longer requires social distancing and businesses can operate at full capacity.

It’s been more than a year of lockdowns, social distancing and color-coded tier systems.

“I think from a mental standpoint, the reopening’s going to be a great thing,” Joseph Goosinow said. “People can finally get out and socialize because we’re social creatures.”

Jodi Diorio and Greg Nelson hope the reopening takes away the shamming they’ve experienced during the pandemic.

 “I’ve been yelled at for not wearing a mask inside of a store,” Diorio said.

“If I don’t want to wear a mask; if you’re uncomfortable with it, I’m perfectly happy with staying 6 feet apart, but there’s no reason to make me feel like I’m immoral and a terrible person,” Nelson said.

NBC 7 also chatted with Gary Tallaksen and Shelli Hanson while they were catching a harbor tour boat.

“This is absolutely beautiful,” Hanson said. “I could have not come at a better time.”

Hanson is in town visiting family for this first time in a really long time.

“It was very emotional, very emotional seeing everybody again,” Hanson said.

Federal health officials warn that Americans should continue to adhere to public health measures as warmer summer days approach.

“This thing could start up again, you know, and people are taking it for granted that we have all this freedom,” Tallaksen said. Please get vaccinated.”

The push to reach heard immunity is still a priority as California heads into the last weekend before the state officially reopens. Some have already started ditching their masks, others plan to keep them on.

While most restrictions will be lifted on June 15, a mask mandate remains in place for most facilities and workplaces. Fully vaccinated people can ditch their mask indoors if a business allows it.

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