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San Diego Family Has a Blast Waiting for Rescue on Broken Down Disneyland Ride

“We kind of get excited if we’re going to get walked off because it’s a special thing”

A San Diego family stuck on a malfunctioning Disneyland roller coaster didn’t let their bad luck stop them from having fun.

In fact, the Biggart family said getting “walked off” of ride was a cause for celebration.

“We go all the time,” Jason Biggart said. “We kind of get excited if we’re going to get walked off because it’s a special thing.”

When Disneyland employees came to tell them they would be assisted off of the ride, the news was met with cheers.

“Because we go so often, it’s fun if something goes wrong or a little out of the ordinary,” Sarah Biggart said. “It kind of makes it more fun and more exciting.”

The Biggarts were riding Thunder Mountain with friends when they began to notice the ride was going a little faster than it had during countless previous rides. Something was especially strange with the way the coaster was being cranked up an incline.

“We didn’t feel [unsafe],” Sarah said. “We just knew something was a little bit different.”

Once the ride was completely stopped, Jason Biggart pulled out his phone and started recording a video.

The group can be seen smiling, laughing and having a good time. The stop in motion allowed them to notice some of the ride’s intricacies, like its mechanics and special effects.

“That’s the whole thing about Disneyland. It’s so detailed,” Jason Biggart said. “There’s so much detail that you could ride [Thunder Mountain] again and again, but when you get the chance to stop and be like ‘Woah, the bats!’ It’s really neat.”

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