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San Carlos Neighbors Complain of Getting Hit with Credit Card Skimmers at Gas Stations

It's a crime that's hit much of San Diego County.

This time, dozens of neighbors are complaining about credit card fraud from skimming devices in San Carlos.

Sam Nadel is one of many in the San Carlos area who said they’ve been victims of credit card fraud.

Nadel told NBC 7 he was getting gas at the Chevron on Lake Murray Boulevard near Albertsons, when just a few minutes later, the questionable charges started coming in.

“I was checking my bank account and noticed about five charges I definitely didn’t make,” Nadel said.

Nadel said he called his bank and filed a report.

The manager at the Chevron station told NBC 7 they did receive complaints of cards being skimmed. Same goes for the Valero on Navajo Road and Jackson Drive.

A worker told NBC 7 police came to check for a skimmer after receiving complaints and found one inside the pump.

Just down the road in La Mesa, police told NBC 7 the 7-Eleven on Avocado Boulevard and Fuerte Drive has been hit several times with skimming devices.

“If it’s a gas station you don’t go to normally, or even if it’s a gas station you go to normally; check your bank account all the time just to make sure there’s no random charges,” added Nadel.   

Experts suggest cash is the safest option to use when you're filling up. However, if you have to use a card, credit is the next best option.

Gas stations that have upgraded to chip and pin technology are safe from skimmers.

Gas stations don't have to switch over to that type of technology for another two years.

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