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Salvation Army San Diego Desperately Needs Donations as Holidays Approach

An addiction treatment program relies on donations at Salvation Army San Diego

As the holiday season approaches, Salvation Army San Diego officials shared images of threadbare, empty warehouses and announced they desperately need donations.

San Diegans with extra food and clothing to spare could consider helping one of 127 people recovering from addictions, who depend on the Adult Rehabilitation Center's (ARC) program.

According to Salvation San Diego, their six-month rehabilitation program is solely funded by donations.

Officials said they have suffered a severe decrease in donations, in a social media post. The center receives no government grants or outside funding.

The rehabilitation program provides counseling, work therapy and spiritual therapy to men and women recovering from crippling addictions, according to the post. Without donations, the program may encounter financial difficulties.

Salvation Army San Diego resells donated goods in seven family stores, while the proceeds go to the ARC.

Officials said all donations to the center are tax deductible. Currently, the donation shortage only appears to be impacting the ARC in San Diego.

For a list of store and donation dropoff sites in San Diego County and other helpful information, visit the Salvation Army San Diego's website.

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