Sailors Spotted at Scene of Murder in Mexico

Two U.S. sailors have been charged with the murder of a prostitute and the attempted murder of another in Tijuana.

Mexican state prosecutors say witnesses and a hotel camera place the two men at the same hotel where a 19-year-old prostitute was smothered on Jan. 17.

On Feb. 4, prosecutors say, police found the men in a bloodstained hotel room with a prostitute and a hotel employee, both of whom had suffered stab wounds.

The sailors were taken into custody and charged with attempted murder. Authorities say they later found evidence linking them to the January killing.

A U.S. Navy statement said Jarrett C. Monzingo, 22., and Joshua Dockery, 27, active-duty petty officers assigned to the San Diego area, face murder and attempted-murder charges in the death of a Mexican citizen and are being held at La Mesa Prison in Tijuana.

The statement does not elaborate on the alleged crime but says the Navy has hired Mexican lawyers to represent the petty officers.

The arrests come six weeks after top Navy and Marine Corps commanders ordered more restrictions for service members who want to visit Mexico.

Whether it's business or pleasure all service members must first get approval to travel to Mexico.  If they're cleared, they must take a safety class and take a buddy with them when they go.  If the policy is broken Marines may be punished by losing rank or pay.

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