Imperial Beach

RV Park Residents Pressure Management for Improvements

"We want better property management in 2020,” a resident said

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The sale of a South Bay RV park fell through this week, and while residents are breathing a collective sigh of relief they’re putting pressure on management to improve conditions around their neighborhood on wheels.

The Siesta RV Park in Imperial Beach was set to be sold to a developer who planned to build condos on the lot, but the buyer backed out at the last minute.

Residents were notified of the sale a year ago and have been fighting ever since. While they have reason to celebrate now, they say their problems are far from over.

They're upset at the property managers and expressed that much with a letter posted on the office window with a list of things around the lot they want fixed.

"We need things that work, we cannot be paying the whole rent and only have half the stuff work, so that's what we need,” one resident said.

"Oh, we want better property management in 2020,” another added.

NBC 7 reached out to the property management office but has not heard back.

Many residents said they would be homeless without the RV park because it's one of the few places in the county with affordable rent for low income residents.

"It was really hard to find this kind of place anywhere else in San Diego,” a resident said.

Imperial Beach City officials said they are looking into ways to make sure the RV park will always be an affordable housing option for low income residents.

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