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Robbers Steal Jewelry Worth Thousands from El Cajon Shop In Minutes

Brazen thieves got away with several thousands of dollars worth of jewelry after robbing a shop El Cajon.

The jewelry store owner told NBC 7 the theft was the work of true professionals.

It happened Feb. 28 at Forever Fine Jewelry on Main Street just as the store owner was closing up for the night.

He told NBC 7 the group came into the store earlier in the day, scoped it out and asked him what time he closed.

Then they came back right at closing time when they knew the safe would be open.

"They work like a team. Real, professional thieves," said the store owner’s cousin, Layth Zihai.

The whole crime was caught on surveillance cameras throughout the store.

Five women and two men are in and out with thousands in just a few short minutes. One woman was seen on camera crawling like a cat to the safe in the back.

Some distracted the owner on one side, while one of the women got to work.

"One of those females walked and opened the door, went under the counter; went slowly, perfect, with no sound, nothing.  Nobody can even feel it that someone is there," explained Zihai. "Then she started picking, picking, picking, picking, picking, put it under her clothes, and walked perfectly with no sound, walked the same way where she walked in."

Just like that, the crooks were gone, and with them they took one man's whole livelihood.

The store owner said about $200,000 worth of jewelry was stolen. Sadly, he did not have insurance so it's all a total loss.

The store owner had to take a loan out from several family members and friends just to get new merchandise to stay open.

If you have any information, you're asked to call El Cajon Police at (619) 579-3311.

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