Road Rage Suspect Told Ex She'd Run Him Over: Docs

At least two exes filed restraining orders against Darla Jackson, claiming she harassed and threatened them with violence

A San Diego woman accused of intentionally running over a motorcyclist in a deadly act of road rage allegedly once told an ex she was going to run him over with her car, according to a temporary restraining order filed against her.

Imperial Beach resident Darla Jackson, 26, was arraigned Tuesday on one count of murder in connection with the death of motorcyclist Zacharia Buob, 39 – a Navy Chief Petty Officer.

On May 28, Jackson was driving her black Nissan Altima on northbound Interstate 5 near E Street in Chula Vista when officials said she got into some type of dispute on the roadway Buob, who was on his motorcycle.

After the two drivers transitioned from I-5 to eastbound State Route 54 and passed National City Boulevard, Jackson allegedly intentionally hit Buob’s motorcycle, running him over, California Highway Patrol officials said.

Buob was critically injured in the crash and died a short time later at a local hospital. Jackson was arrested and charged with murder in what investigators are calling an act of road rage.

According to a domestic violence report and restraining order filed against Jackson by an ex-boyfriend, she has a history of abuse that includes a July 2012 incident in which she allegedly tried to run over her ex with her car after they got into an argument.

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Amanda Cramer
Zach Buob

“As I was getting out, the Respondent [Jackson] put the car in the wrong gear causing the car to make a thud sound. The Respondent accused me of kicking her car. I told the Respondent, “I did not kick your car.” I began to talk away and the Respondent told me, “I’m going to run your b**cha** over with my car,” the document reads.

The restraining order goes on to say Jackson began driving toward her ex as he ran away.

“The Respondent still proceeded to come at me and I pushed myself off her hood,” the document said. “I proceeded to run and I eventually jumped over a fence to get away.”

In the document, Jackson’s ex claims she called him more than 200 times and left more than 100 text messages for him after he told her to leave him alone. He said she threatened to kill him, said she would get him fired from his job and allegedly said she was going to hurt herself and then tell police he had hurt her.

The restraining order said Jackson allegedly showed up at her ex-boyfriend’s work unannounced and caused a scene. His supervisor called police.

After that incident, Jackson allegedly continued to call and text the ex, forcing him to have to change his phone number.

“The Respondent calls me continuously after I tell her to leave me alone. The Respondent calls hundreds of times. It got to the point where I had to change my phone number,” the restraining order stated. “The Respondent threatens to kill me and threatens to ruin my life.”

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NBC 7 also obtained a temporary restraining order filed against Jackson by a second ex-boyfriend who claimed Jackson harassed him as well with multiple calls and text messages in September 2012.

In one instance, the ex said Jackson called 72 times and left threatening voicemails stating “I’m going to hurt you,” “I’m dead” and “I’m going to damage your property.”

That document also said Jackson drove by her ex-boyfriend’s father’s home and keyed the father’s car with profane language and that she also tried to climb through the window of the ex’s room when he wasn’t home.

When the ex’s brother saw Jackson trying to climb in, the restraining order said she ran outside and screamed, “I’m just getting started.”

“The Respondent continues to call and text me telling me I do not know who I’m messing with and that she doesn’t care that my family is around,” said the document. “Respondent also stated that she will come to my workplace and damage my property.”

Jackson was arraigned Tuesday in San Diego and a judge set her bail at $1 million.

Earlier in the day, Buob’s mother, Kathy Buob, told NBC 7 she had no comment on the accused road rage driver. Instead, Kathy released a statement about her son, including details on his time as a Navy service member and how friends and family loved his smile, humor and quick wit.

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