Road Opens Under Mustang With Baby on Board

A mother and her young baby had some terrifying moments Wednesday when the road gave way beneath her Mustang.

Firefighters were called out to the College area just after 11a.m., responded to reports of a vehicle into a 3-feet wide hole in the northbound lanes of College Avenue near Interstate 8. Neither the woman nor her baby were hurt in the incident. First-responders said that the whole is at least 3-feet deep and could be as wide as 10 feet. Firefighters said the only thing holding up the woman's car was the asphalt, which is cracked on the road for at least 6 feet.

The sinkhole will cause a long-term closure of the northbound lanes of College Avenue between Montezuma Road and I-8. Traffic is being diverted on Lindo Paseo and city crews work on repairs.

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