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Road Closure Controversy in College Area

The entrance to a College Area neighborhood is expected to be blocked through February 2020

Residents in one College Area neighborhood said they were frustrated by a recent road closure they claimed was unannounced by the City of San Diego.

Construction blocks the southern end of Reservoir Driver at Montezuma Road near SDSU, forcing residents to drive north towards Alvarado Road and loop around to get out of their neighborhood.

NBC 7 received viewer and social media complaints about not receiving proper notification for the construction and subsequent blocked road.

The red dot shows where construction blocks the south entrance to Reservoir Drive. Residents have to drive all the way north to Alvarado Road to get out.

“We just found out about it when we saw the signs go up on the street,” said David, a resident who lives close to the construction site and did not want to use his last name.

The entrance to a College Area neighborhood is expected to be blocked through February 2020 as crews install a new storm drain beneath Reservoir Drive.

“I have to go all the way down, all the way back up and around so it probably went from a couple minutes to like almost ten minutes,” David said about his commute.

Emails and social media posts complained the City of San Diego did not warn residents Reservoir Drive would be closed for so long.

However, a construction worker on site told NBC 7 that notices and signs were left on the street and on doors warning of the upcoming construction.

NBC 7 contacted the City of San Diego for confirmation about when and how residents were notified but they had not responded as of Monday evening.

“Oh, it’s definitely annoying,” said David, who is also frustrated that drivers ignore a “road closed” sign at the other end of Reservoir Drive.

“You got people that don’t read the flashing sign that says ‘Road Closed’ and they come up and they’re u-turning all hours of the night and during the day.”

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