San Diego

San Diego Heat Keeps Exterminators Busy

Pest control companies battling insect boom brought on by warmer temperatures

A recent heat wave scorching San Diego is bringing more than just rising temperatures to town.

Residents all over the county may be dealing with increased problems associated with ants, fleas, and mosquitoes.

"The heat brings every type of creature out, everything's looking for water," said Mark Vollenweider, a technician with Thrasher Pest Control.

The family-owned business has seen a higher volume of calls from customers during the warm summer months.

Ron Deen lives in Point Loma where ants are a year-round problem, but he says it always got much worse during the summer. For years he battled the problem on his own until finally signing up for year-round service.

"We had sugar in a canister and they were in there, and you go to bake something and it's 'Oh my God, there's 10,000 ants in there,'" said Deen. "It's crazy."

According to the Vector Control Program of San Diego County, the population growth of mosquitoes also follows the heat.

The typical breeding cycle for mosquitoes is 10 to 14 days but it can shorten to a week in hot weather.

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