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Results for Latest Water Lead Testing at SDUSD Schools Within State Level

Results for latest round of lead testing in the water at schools in the San Diego Unified School District (SDUSD) showed the levels were within the limit set by the state of California, according to a spokesperson.

"All the results we received today are all below the action level, which is good," said Samir Naji.

So far, the district has the results for 121 schools out of 150 it has sampled. Out of those 121 schools, three have tested at a level where action has to be taken.

The three schools are Birney Elementary School in University Heights, Emerson Campus of the Emerson/Bandini Elementary School and the Emerson Campus of the San Diego Cooperative Charter School.

As schools test for lead in their drinking water, they are required by the state to fix problems if they discover lead in water at levels greater than 15 parts per billion (ppb).

According to SDUSD, if amount is equal to or less than that, schools can keep the water on but the district's "flushing protocol will remain in effect."

NBC 7 also learned Monday that the district had already been taking a close look at Sunset View Elementary School, even before the widespread testing began.

Last year, a parent concerned about construction nearby had asked the district to test the water.

Naji told NBC 7, the district tested the water and found lead in the sample taken from a plumbing device which was turned on only for testing. The water on campus was found to be safe.

"The parents was concerned--we let them know what the results were," Naji said. "The parent was satisfied as was the principal. The determination was made there wasn't a need to do a district wide communication because water on the campus all tested fine."

But not all parents at the school were notified of the testing at the time.

One parent told NBC 7, even if the district had not found any problems with the water at Sunset View Elementary, all parents should have been informed of the testing.

"I think they should disclose everything," said parent Cecy London. "It's the health of the kids."

London also added that even though most of the school tested so far did not have a problem with the water, she still sends her kids to school with bottled water.

Lead poisoning in children can cause symptoms ranging from headaches and hearing or speech problems to learning and behavioral problems or damage to the brain and nervous system.

San Diego Unified School District is publishing test results for each school here.

NBC 7 is mapping the schools and the results. Parents can view how the testing is going and click on each location for updates and links to test results.

You can view that map here.

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