San Diegans to Deliver Tents to Nepal Quake Victims

A San Diego company is sending a team of people to Nepal to support its orphanage and surrounding residents after April’s devastating earthquake.

Eleven people with Restore International are scheduled to leave Thursday for Kathmandu.

Executive Director Deborah Eriksson says she feels compelled to go and remind the people of Nepal that they are not forgotten.

"I am relieved to be going because it's been weighing on me,” Eriksson told NBC 7.

The organization just opened an orphanage for 10 girls in the city last year and seeing the devastating images really hits home. Thankfully, the children in their orphanage were not injured.

“I really want to help but I don't exactly know what to expect and I think it's going to be hard to see it because there's going to be so much damage,” Eriksson said.

The group plans to take things like tents, sleeping bags, water purification tablet and vitamins. They leave Thursday from LAX and will be in Nepal for about six days.

With each of them bringing a tent, they will be able to provide shelter to about 100 people.

Rescue International isn't the only group from San Diego that will be in Nepal.

A team of Scripps Health doctors, nurses and support staff arrived recently and have been reporting back to NBC 7 about conditions there.

Scripps Health Medical Response Team Workers Providing Care in Nepal

Over the course of the week, the team has reportedly been working in small villages at elevations of 8,000 feet or higher, where helicopters transporting supplies has become essential.

Team members have seen more than 100 patients a day, but only a few with injuries relating to the earthquake. 

At least 54 foreigners were among the more than 7,000 people killed in the quake on the April 25.

This morning in our Salute to Service we recognize the men and women of the U.S. military responding to the earthquake victims in Nepal.
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