Restoration Companies Find New Revenue Stream Killing COVID-19

There's an interesting new challenge popping up for business owners right now: Making sure their workplaces are COVID-19 free.

Especially if one of their employees tests positive.

Christian Brothers Emergency Building Service Tech Shane Clauser isn't looking for mold, water, or fire damage but another kind of disaster – the coronavirus.

Companies that have historically cleaned and repaired homes and businesses after fires and floods are now called upon for COVID-19 fighting measures.

Part of getting the economy back on its feet is getting employees confident to come to work. Christian Brothers says many San Diego restoration services are now flooded with calls from businesses trying to reopen, or ones that had employees test positive for COVID-19, or those that just want a little peace of mind. 

"A 30,000-square-foot building or office space will take me about 30 minutes. Give it five minutes to air out and it's completely safe,” Clauser said

"They're losing money, therefore they need to get the place cleaned and ready to go," VP of operations Micah Larrabee added.

Techs disinfect surfaces with wipes. Get into smaller areas with disinfecting foggers. There are even machines that clean surfaces with ultraviolet light while employees continue to work, Larrabee said.

“It’s basically resetting the space whether it be a house or office or whatever to zero," Larrbee said.

The average thorough cleaning takes two to four technicians and up to a full day depending on the space.

"Someone could die from getting this so it’s obviously on everybody's minds at all times to make sure we are doing the best job we can do," Larrabee said.

Restoring damaged homes and offices after a disaster has its challenges but restoring confidence in the work place during a pandemic was never one of them.

Disinfecting treatments have their limits. They can neutralize the virus if present but have no continuing effect. Like a vaccine, such cleansers are being researched, Larrabee said. 

When NBC 7 asked what disinfecting treatments cost, Christian Brothers said it did a 3,500-square-foot business Wednesday for $1,200.

We also checked with ServePro, the average cost is between 35 and 50 cents a square foot, that company said.

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