Restaurant Raising Funds for Deadly Stabbing Victim’s 5 Daughters

Five girls left without a father after a violent road rage incident are being offered help from a small business owner in their community.

Horace Williams, 36, was stabbed to death on Nov. 27 during a suspected road rage confrontation in Chula Vista.

Victor Lopez, the owner of El Pollo Grill in Bonita, heard about Williams’ death via Facebook and decided to lend a helping hand. Lopez will be donating 30 percent of Saturday's sales to Williams’ five daughters.

“We don't need to know them to try to help somebody in need,” he said. “I am very fortunate to have extra funds that I can share with them.”

Jessica Grande, the mother of the victim's oldest daughter, who is only 9 years old, said her daughter is still trying to process the loss of her father.

“He gave everything for his daughters,” she said. “He didn't have much, but whatever he did, it was all for his daughters. Such a great father.”

Grande said Williams stayed home and dedicated his life to raising his five girls.

She knows the donations won’t take away any of his daughters’ pain, but it might help them with things down the road their father may have taken care of.

“It is not something that we can say is going to help us with our feelings, but it is going to help with everything else the girls are going to need,” Grande said.

If you want to contribute to Saturday’s fundraiser, all you have to do is mention it when you are purchasing food at the grill. The offer is valid from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.

The defendant in this case, Rickey Smith, pleaded not guilty to first-degree murder charges last week.

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