Restaurant Owners Scrambling Over Shutdown Possibility

New coronavirus restrictions could be hitting restaurants very hard.

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This very well could be the last weekend San Diego restaurants will be able to have dining on-site.

As coronavirus cases and hospitalizations continue to rise in our region, health experts are warning that new restrictions are imminent. 

“It’s been a fluctuation between inside-outside, capacity, curfew and we’re now reaching another hurdle to go over and it’s just unfortunate,” said Jennifer Davis, staff manager at 710 Beach Club in Pacific Beach.

New restrictions would mean restaurants would have to shut down all dinning operations and go back to take-out orders only. 

“It’s very scary, especially this time around that there is no stimulus package to help with the extra cost of living,” said Davis. “I don't have kids of my own but I know a lot of my employees have kids and families they need to support.”

If the shutdown goes into effect, Davis says 710 Beach Club’s roster of 30 employees will have to be reduced to just a handful.

“Unfortunately, there is only so many shifts to give out to people,” said Davis.

And the businesses latest investments will be for nothing.

“All of our tables we had to buy ourselves and then with winter we had to purchase a bunch of space heaters to keep it warm out there for everyone dining outside,” said Davis.” “It’s been very expensive and it’s unfortunate it's coming to another end. Especially with Christmas, we were making it very Christmasy and family-oriented.”

Holiday decorations that are now likely not to make it to Christmas day.

According to the state, San Diego County will likely have to impose new restrictions in early December. 

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