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Residents On Edge As Cliffs Crumble Beneath OB Apartment Building

The power of the recent king tides is raising red flags for people living in a building incredibly close to the edge of the cliffs near Oriental Point south of Ocean Beach.

Kevin Notargiacomo has lived at his apartment at the Pelican Point complex on Narragansett Avenue for just seven months.

His views of the Pacific Ocean and the Ocean Beach Pier should relax him, but instead, he's on edge literally and emotionally.

“You can see the bluff and parts of the bluff are falling off,” Notargiacomo said. “You live this close to the water, you deal with the repercussions that come with it.

Despite only living there for a little more than half of a year, Notargiacomo said he’s already looking to move.

Two years ago, a large part of the bluff broke away and Notargiacomo says nothing has been done to reinforce the crumbling soil. Several pipes are sticking out if the face of the cliff, and they’ve been exposed for some time.

Every time a king tide pummels the bluff, Notargiacomo feels Mother Nature chipping away beneath his home.

“I've actually felt the whole building vibrate,” he said. “We don't want to be here in case God-forbid there be any type of accident or something bad happens.”

The Pelican Point property manager said the building's owner is working on a plan with other nearby owners to reinforce the bluff. However, the city of San Diego doesn't know about that plan.

A city spokesperson says it's up to the property owner to report any concerns to the city and the spokesperson says that hasn't happened yet.

“They don't get involved to do anything to these seawalls unless there's “eminent danger,” Notargiacomo said.

And while he’s not positive there is any eminent danger, “I'm not going to be here to find out.”

NBC 7 asked the property manager for the building's owner’s contact information but has not heard back.

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