Resident, Businesses File Claims Against Poway After Boil Water Order

The order issued in November impacted thousands of residents and businesses -- some of whom are now taking legal action.

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Four claims seeking nearly $30,000 have been filed against the city of Poway in the aftermath of last November's boil water order.

The Precautionary Boil Water Advisory was issued on Nov. 30 after residents noticed discolored water coming from their faucets.

On Monday, a Poway city report said a piece of rope lodged in a city reservoir was the cause of the problem.

NBC 7 filed a public records request to get a closer look at the claims so far.

One of the claims was filed by Takhrai Thai, a restaurant along Scripps Poway Parkway.

"The boil water alert is depriving me and my employees of our lively (sic) hood," the claim stated.

Takhrai Thai is seeking $12,000.

A small piece of rope caused big problems for residents and restaurants in Poway last November. NBC 7's Dave Summers has the story.

The owner of Eat Your Heart Out Deli cited loss of income and said he was forced to throw out contaminated food. He's seeking $5,435.30.

Another claim filed by an attorneys stated that a Poway resident became violently ill after unknowingly drinking contaminated water. She's seeking $10,000.

In another claim, a Poway man said his pregnant wife and toddler got sick from the water. He wants $270 to replace a water filtration system.

The city of Poway said it will review the claims but asked businesses to first file their claims with their personal insurance companies.

"My heart goes out to those folks. Thankfully, the city has insurance. And those experts will work their way through the claims. I'm very confident that any that are found to be valid will be honored," said Poway Mayor Steve Vaus.

The owner of Players Sports Grill, Mike Pasulka, said a claim with his insurer was rejected. He will now file a claim against the city.

"I think this is a city mistake. It's something they did that caused this problem to happen, and there's businesses out there that got injured because of it," Pasulka said.

The city of Poway said residents and businesses have six months to file claims. An attorney told NBC 7 her office is planning to file at least five more claims next week.


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