San Diego

17-Year-Old Tourist Rescued at Sunset Cliffs

The teenager was filming a video when the cliff gave way

A 17-year-old who fell about 20-feet to the bottom of Sunset cliffs was pulled to safety by lifeguards Thursday night.

"All of this is pretty much luck," said Hobbs. "I should be dead right now, but I'm really grateful for everything that happened."

A 17-year-old tourist fell to the bottom of Sunset Cliffs and was pulled to safety by lifeguards Thursday night. 

“I should be dead right now,” Gerard Hobbs of Houston said. “I’m really grateful for everything that happened.” 

Hobbs said he and his friends were filming a video along the cliffs when he suddenly fell off the cliff and landed about 20 feet below. 

“I was sitting down, as my feet were hanging, he was getting a clip of me,” said friend Amerdeep Sheemar. “When I turned around, he was gone.” 

“I thought he left. I was calling his name,” Sheemar said. 

Firefighters with the San Diego Fire-Rescue Department rushed to the cliffs at 8:21 p.m.

Hobbs said the seaweed wrapped around his legs and he began to panic. 

His only thought was how to get out of the water. 

Lifeguards hoisted Hobbs to the top of the cliff where he was checked out by medics.

Hobbs said he has some swelling and scratches on his leg, but is feeling okay. 

“This is actually our first day in San Diego,” Hobbs said.

The friends were planning on staying in San Diego another night and then traveling on to Yosemite.

They say they won’t be visiting the cliffs again this trip.

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