Reports Shows Shortest and Longest Commute Times in San Diego County

Most San Diegans drive an average of 25 minutes during their commute to work

Commute times around San Diego County are at an average of about 25 minutes, according to data from the U.S. Census Bureau.

The data, compiled in the 2014 census, shows that San Diegans are waiting longer in traffic during their drive to work and that time will probably not get shorter.

The longest commute to work was in Chula Vista, at more than 33 minutes. While commute times in Carlsbad, Oceanside, La Mesa and Paradise Hills also averaged more than half an hour.

William Bayaca, a Paradise Hills resident told NBC 7, the commute has gotten longer since 2014 because there are more cars on road.

Buyaca says he pays $80 a month to drive on the South Bay Expressway 125 instead of waiting in traffic but it’s worth it.

“Especially if you go on the long routes, it’s very stressful sometimes dealing with all the cars and all the big rigs,” William Bayaca said.

According to the data, the shortest commute to work was in El Cajon, at 26 minutes.

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