Reports of Racist Taunts Toward Students at Meadowlark Middle School in Poway


Parents and advocates spoke out Thursday night at a Poway Unified School District meeting after learning of racist remarks reportedly made at Meadowlark Middle School.

Several Black Poway Unified students said they were called racial slurs and even got their hair pulled,

Parents and community members denounced the racism, saying that the district should take action immediately to prevent it from happening again.

"My son has been called the N-word, he has been bullied, he has been degraded. He doesn't even want to come back to this school next semester, and to be honest with you, I don't know if I would bring him back up her," one parent said. "When nothing is done, and things happen like this, it frustrates me to no end.

"This father sent his child to your school so that he could learn, so that he could excel. We know he's a GATE [Gifted and Talented Education] student, right? Yes, we all acknowledge that. But the fact that this child is no longer performing well because he's been dehumanized is more than just a problem. It's systemic," another parent added.

The district issued a response to the alleged remarks, saying it and the school were disappointed.

"We are extremely disappointed by the students’ behavior and want to emphasize that it does not reflect our values of making sure our students are able to learn in a safe and caring environment, where all students are respected," the statement said.

The principal also said they're meeting with concerned students, families and staff, and using a "hate and harassment" course to educate the students involved on the harm of hate language and behavior.

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