Report: Retired Navy Captain Killed by Car

A bicyclist who died after a car hit him on Sabre Springs Parkway on Tuesday evening was a retired Navy captain, a family man and an avid athlete, according to the North County Times.

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Walter Carl Joller Jr., 55, was nearing the end of his 55-mile bicycle commute from the Point Loma area of San Diego, where he was a program manager at Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command, when the accident happened, the paper reported.

Joller Jr., was hit by a BMW that swerved into a bike lane, police said.  He was wearing a reflective vest and other safety equipment at the time of the accident.  It's not clear what caused the driver to swerve, but investigators say he will be charged with misdemeanor vehicular manslaughter. Joller was a captain and flight officer last assigned to the Tactical Training Group Pacific in San Diego when he retired from his 30-year career in 2005, Navy officials said.

For the full story read the North County Times article "Cyclist Hit by Car Was Retired Navy Captain, Avid Athlete."

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