Report Details Transparency of San Diego County School Districts

If you voted for a bond measure to repair and improve schools in your school district, how do you know you are getting what you were promised?

A newly released report shows just how transparent school districts are when it comes to spending public dollars.

School districts in San Diego County are improving when it comes to being transparent about how they are spending bond money.

That's according to Theresa Andrews, Executive Director of Policy and Operations for the San Diego Taxpayers Association.

The group graded districts as to whether they clearly put information on their websites about how, where and when the money is being spent.

Professor Bob Fellmeth from USD’s Center for Public Interest law likes the idea of tracking the money.

"It does open the door so people can figure out whether you're getting what you pay for,” he said.

San Diego Community College District and San Dieguito Union High School were among those that scored very well. What district faired the worst? That would be the Dehesa School District.

You can check out the full report here.

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