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Rep. Issa Calls for Hearing on Impact of White Supremacist Groups on Civil Rights

He believes the nation must work to fully understand what caused these tragedies

A Republican congressman has called for a judiciary hearing on the impact of white supremacist groups on civil rights in America, following the violent protests in Charlottesville that left one woman dead and 20 injured.

"A rally in Charlottesville, Virginia was attended by hundreds of self-identified members of the KKK, white supremacists, neo-Nazis and other repulsive hate groups," said Rep. Darrell Issa, R-49th District, in a statement released Thursday.

He denounced the attack as a "despicable display of bigotry and evil," and said the nation must work to fully understand what caused these tragedies and why hateful, extremist ideologies still persist.

"As members of the committee of jurisdiction on issues related to civil rights and democracy, we too have a unique duty to examine the impact recent displays of hatred from white supremacist groups have on civil rights in America," he continued.

The House Homeland Security Committee will examine the events from the perspective of "domestic terrorism," in a hearing on Sept. 12, said Issa.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced the Department of Justice will hold a federal civil rights investigation into the deadly car-ramming incident that targeted counter-protesters at the white nationalist rally.

Issa's call places pressure on the House Judiciary Committee to hold a hearing on the topic of white supremacist groups in September. 

"While Congress cannot legislate respect, decency or acceptance of others, we have an obligation to use our platform to lead our country forward on these matters," added Issa.

Shortly after President Donald Trump declared "there is blame on both sides" of the violent Charlottesville protests on Tuesday, Issa released a statement on Twitter unequivocally denouncing white supremacy.

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