‘Leave My Wife Out of It': US Rep. Duncan Hunter

Rep. Duncan Hunter and his wife, Margaret, were charged with using $250,000 in campaign funds for personal expenses

Rep. Duncan Hunter told NBC 7 Tuesday that he wants prosecutors to leave his wife alone regarding their indictments for misuse of campaign funds.

“My message to the U.S. attorney here is let's get this in court,” Hunter said. “Leave my wife out of it, we know they're not after her they're after me. They want to flip the seat, so let's go to court let's have a trial and everybody will see everything.”

Hunter’s comments seemed to contradict statements he made last week, seemingly blaming his wife for any misappropriation of funds.

Hunter and his wife, Margaret Hunter, were both charged with using campaign funds for personal expenses like trips and dental work last Tuesday. On Wednesday, he told reporters his wife was “in charge” of the finances and he claimed, “I didn’t do it.”

Hunter was reluctant to explain comments he made last week where he seemed to blame his wife his their indictment charges. NBC 7’s Bridget Naso spoke to the congressman.

Hunter was in Shelter Island speaking at a Republican women’s luncheon Tuesday.

One of the women at the luncheon said she had concerns over the indictment until she heard him talk. “He’s a powerful speaker and I think he said the right things to us,” she told NBC 7. The woman also said it wouldn’t change her mind if he was found guilty. “I feel really strong about supporting his cause,” she explained.

Hunter reminded the women that he had kept his campaign promises from the last election, according to some of the attendees. He also questioned the timing of the charges.

“It will be good to expose the leftists that are in the U.S. right now that have brought all this on for political reasons,” Hunter reiterated, telling NBC 7 the charges against him are false.

He also said he looks forward to fighting the charges in court.

His next appearance is September 4th.

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