Remembering Bishop George D. McKinney, Religious Community Leader

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San Diegans are remembering well-known religious leader, Bishop George Dallas McKinney. Officials with the Church of God in Christ announced his passing Saturday. Bishop McKinney was 88 years old.

Bishop McKinney was a pillar in San Diego’s Black religious community. He was born on August 9, 1932 in Arkansas. He eventually made his was to San Diego, where he and his late wife, Dr. Jean McKinney, founded St. Stephen’s Cathedral Church of God in Christ in 1962, while raising five boys.

Fellow ministers and members of the community said they remember Bishop McKinney as a humble and knowledgeable man.

“From the days marching in the street, to the days in downtown at city hall, to times in the church and the neighborhoods,” said Pastor Clarice Christian, of Emmanuel Chapel San Diego. “He was always planning for something better.”

Bishop McKinney received numerous honors for his dedication to community service and religious teachings. He was an author of eight books and a contributor to many more.

“He’s invested in enough people, in enough churches, in enough ministries that he will not be forgotten and will be well-remembered with honor,” said Pastor Christian.

Loved ones of Bishop McKinney said he is survived by his five sons and wife, Lady BJ McKinney.

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