Relief Is on the Way!

Less humid, cooler weather on the way

[UGCDFW-CJ-back to school]First Day of School

As you look forward to your 3-day weekend you can also look forward to nice, more comfortable weather.

The intense high pressure that's been bringing us the heat as well as the muggy, monsoonal moisture out of Mexico, is moving east.  Along with that, we're seeing the marine layer return, thanks to a giant low pressure system to our north.

You can expect at least a light layer of low clouds and fog Saturday morning. Hopefully it will hold off Friday night so you can enjoy one more beautiful sunset, followed by the full moon rising over the county.  Expect mostly sunny skies during the afternoon through Monday, except over the mountains where we'll retain a slight chance of showers during the heat of the day.

Temperatures will continue to fall a couple of degrees each day into next week.  Beach highs Friday afternoon will be in the mid and upper 70s, probably low 70s by Monday with the ocean temp averaging 73.  As you head into the East County, that's where you'll really begin to feel the difference by Sunday as we move away from the century mark, drop into the 90s Friday and mid 80s by Monday.

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