Red Light Collisions Down: Report

City reports accidents in intersections dropped 50 percent

Mónica Díaz

Over the last fiscal year, accidents stemming from red-light runners decreased 35 percent at San Diego's 15 camera intersections.

Citywide, that kind of accident dropped an amazing 50 percent, with rear-end collisions down 11 percent, according to a report from the city’s transportation and storm water department

"The word gets out,” said Bill Harris, city transportation spokesperson. “People do become aware of the individual intersections. But they also become more aware of their own driving habits in other intersections. So they serve not only as an immediate deterrent at the 15 intersections that we've got, but as an educational element."

Those who get caught face $436 tickets. About 15,000 citations were issued at camera intersections last fiscal year -- resulting in fines of nearly $2 million.

After outsourced operator fees and staff administrative costs, the city netted $213,000.

The result? Behavior modification.

"I'd say when it's beginning to turn yellow and you're already in the intersection, you're fine,” said motorist Greg Delgado. “But when you're about to go into it, you should have time to stop. That's what I think. You've just got to be a better driver."

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