Red Cross, Coast Guard, San Diego Fire Department Help With Hurricane Relief

The San Diego Coast Guard is already in Texas, teaming up with other Coast Guard teams to help in Tropical Storm Harvey relief efforts.

There are also five San Diego Red Cross workers in Texas right now, with more potentially on the way.

“The Red Cross has about 1,200 Red Crossers on the ground in Texas and Louisiana. We want to build to 4,000 by Wednesday, a local Red Cross official said.

And thousands of miles from the actual disaster, the San Diego Red Cross will play a large role handling logistics and answering calls from people affected by Harvey.

“We're also doing virtual mapping where we'll help map all the damage and all the areas that need assistance so that we know who we've helped and who we haven't, and we can make sure we get to everybody,” the official said.

Members of San Diego Fire Department’s volunteer Task Force 8 have also deployed to the Gulf Coast, prepared to handle swift water rescues and hazardous materials.

On Sunday, a Coast Guard spokesperson in Texas said they've already conducted more than 100 rescues, but they’ve received hundreds of more calls of people in distress.

All California-based FEMA urban search and rescue task forces have been deployed to Texas as well. 

If you would like to help, the Red Cross recommends that you donate blood. You can also donate by going to their website or by texting the word "harvey" to the number 90999, which provides a $10 donation.

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