Record Number of Voters Register Online Before Deadline

Hundreds of thousands of Californians have gone online this week to ensure they're eligible to vote in the November election.

Secretary of State Alex Padilla announced Tuesday that 500,000 people enrolled for the first time or updated their information in the final two days the state accepted registrations.

While more than 203,000 people registered or updated information online on Sunday, a record number of people – 297,000 - used the online site Monday.

”More Californians completed voter registrations online than on any other single day in the history of our voter registration website,” Padilla said in a written statement.

Most of them were young voters, officials said. Voters ages 17 to 35 made up 58 percent of users to the state’s voter registration website Sunday and Monday.

Padilla's office says more than 18.25 million people registered to vote by Sept. 9.

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