SoCal Skiers Chomping at the Bit After Storms

San Diegans favorite winter sports resorts all open by the weekend.

ski slope 1

Recent storms and the even more recent clear, cold nights are just what the doctor ordered for local skiers and snowboarders.

In this case of course, the referred "doctor" happens to be the resorts at Big Bear, Wrightwood and Mammoth Mountain. 

Needless to say, the 2011 downhill season is underway.

Mountain High got things started for the fifteenth year in a row as the first of the Southern California resorts to get their lifts operating.  They opened last Saturday, November 5, and have been operating daily since.

Bear Mountain at Big Bear Lake opens Wednesday and its sister resort, Snow Summit gets going Thursday. Further up the map, Mammoth Mountain, which is bigger than the other three resorts combined, also has claimed Thursday, Nov. 10 for its opening day.  Keep in mind however, while Mammoth has a lot more to offer it's also a lot further away and three to four times the drive from San Diego.

Last weekend's storms dumped up to a couple feet of snow up around Mammoth and nearly a foot on the resorts closer to home.  That, combined with the resort's snow making, should make for a pretty good turnout this weekend at all four resorts.

Just keep in mind that we're expecting a very big storm on Saturday.  While that means even more snow to play on it's also going to result in a very difficult and time-consuming  - not to mention, potentially hazardous - drive up into the mountains. 

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