Recall Referendum on Governor's Handling of Pandemic

Exit polls show most voters felt COVID-19 safety was a key issue

LA Times via Getty Images

The recall proved to be a referendum on how Governor Newsom has handled the pandemic. The vast majority of voters voted to keep the governor in place, and in turn, in favor of the COVID-19 safety protocols he put in place.

It was a landslide, a victory for those who say masks should be worn in schools and there should be vaccine mandates. 

“People have spoken in very large numbers, we’re tired,” said Lisa Wood from 'San Diegans for Safe Schools.'  “So this is now the vocal majority who have been a little bit more on the silent side, standing up and saying enough is enough.”

“We’re certainly disappointed, but not really surprised at the recall results,” said Scott Davison who is the legal adviser for 'Let Them Breathe’, a group advocating for choice about whether students should have to wear masks in school.  

He said given California’s political landscape, he figured Newson would win and still be in charge. That is why, in July, the group filed a lawsuit against the state to end the mask mandate in schools. 

“We think all those policies impact a child’s learning environment and their ability to be in person for education, and that’s the best place for them to be.

Wood said, “Their lawsuit will fail, I have no doubt about that, and they’re just going to waste more taxpayer dollars in these frivolous lawsuits that have no business tying up our courts.”

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