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Rebates on Lawn Replacement in San Diego Increased For Limited Time

Rebates are currently up by 175 percent of what they normally are

The San Diego County Water Authority is making local customers aware that lawn rebates are currently 175 percent higher than normal. 

The average rebate on participating lawns is usually $1 per sq. ft. in San Diego County. It is currently at $2.75 per sq. ft.

There is no word on when the rebate will go back down to a buck, but it could happen in the coming weeks. 

Rebates are not just reserved for lawn to turf replacement. In fact, the Water Authority encourages people to have water-efficient shrubs and trees as part of their gardens. 

"We can have beautiful landscapes and, recognizing that water is a precious commodity, we just want to minimize waste," said Carlos Michelon Wednesday, principal water resources specialist at the San Diego County Water Authority. 

The program, established in 2010, has had a steady increase of participants each year. 

The Water Authority said rocks and water-absorbent plants can be used to capture rainfall off rooftops and conserve. 

"If we can build into our gardens a feature that retains that water and we make sure that gets into our ground, that's water that is ultimately available to the plants," Michelon added. 

Residents are also encouraged to use high-efficiency irrigation and healthy living soils to save water. 

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