Rattlesnakes Looking to Cool Off… Indoors

Rattlesnake removal expert says he's seeing too many snakes moving indoors

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It’s hot. Everyone is running from the heat. That includes rattlesnakes.

“The snakes are feeling the same way,” said Alex Trejo as he inspected underneath a shed behind a Dehesa home.

“Me being out here looking for these animals, being up close and personal, that is pretty much why I was put here on this Earth,” he said.

Trejo is the owner of SoCal Rattlesnake Removal. He said he usually gets more calls to remove the snakes in the spring or fall when temperatures outside are consistent and rattlesnakes are out all day long. However, recently, Trejo said he’s seen more and more rattlers creeping inside homes to cool off and search for water.

“They are very thirsty, and they will do whatever they have to do to get their water,” he said.

Trejo recently removed a rattlesnake from underneath Valerie Eugenio’s couch.

“We were terrified. My fiancé is so afraid of snakes. I’m probably the braver one around them,” laughed Eugenio.

Trejo warned people to be aware of their surroundings outdoors and to make sure they close doors and windows where a snake could creep in.

“You have to have a healthy fear. It’s just like you have a healthy respect for someone, you have a healthy fear of these animals,” he said.

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