Man's Sentencing Postponed in Brick Beating Murder of Ex-Wife

Rand Huffman, 65, pleaded guilty in the brutal beating of his ex-wife, Martha Huffman, whom he attacked with a brick in February 2014

Sentencing was postponed Tuesday for a Southern California man who killed his ex-wife by pummeling her with a brick as she took out the trash outside her home.

Rand Huffman, 65, of San Gabriel, Calif., pleaded guilty to first-degree murder for the fatal, violent beating of his ex-wife, Martha Huffman, 64. His sentencing has been rescheduled for July 9 at the Chula Vista Courthouse.

In February 2014, Rand attacked Martha with a brick as she took out the trash at her home in San Diego’s Chula Vista community. Martha suffered critical head injuries in the beating and later died at the hospital.

According to police, neighbors heard Martha’s screams coming from her home on Twin Oaks Circle. When officers arrived, they found Rand with his knee on the victim’s throat, trying to cut off her air supply. He was wearing gloves and was armed with a knife and Taser.

Witnesses told police Rand had beaten Martha with a brick before dragging her to the back of the home.

Police said the Huffmans had been divorced for decades and hadn’t even spoken to each other in nearly 30 years. At the time of the brutal beating, Rand had recently rekindled a relationship with his son who lived with Martha in Chula Vista.

Though neighbors didn’t know much about Rand, witnesses told police they saw the suspect sitting in a car parked in the neighborhood the weekend before he attacked Martha.

Investigators believe Rand’s attack on his unsuspecting ex-wife was premeditated.

According to police, Huffman parked several blocks away from Martha’s house on the morning of the attack and waited for his ex-wife to come outside. He picked up a brick at the scene and used it to striker her.

The Huffman’s son was home at the time of the incident. Police questioned him and tried to determine whether he or Martha were Rand’s intended target. Investigators said the son had taken out a restraining order against Rand after a financial dispute over a piece of property.

Police said that dispute may have been the “catalyst” that led to the violence.

Rand was arrested in late February 2014. He has been held without bail at the George Bailey Detention Facility for more than a year.

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