Thieves Strike North County School Again

Solana Santa Fe Elementary was broken into for the second time in three weeks

A North County school was targeted by thieves for the second time in three weeks.

San Diego County sheriff’s deputies arrived at Solana Santa Fe School in Rancho Santa Fe around 12:30 a.m. Friday.

When deputies arrived at the school on El Apajo there were signs of a break-in but deputies didn't find any suspects.

They called in a K-9 unit to search the area with no results.

It’s not known what was taken or the amount of the loss deputies said.

On July 11, equipment was stolen from the same school.

Friday’s incident marks the fifth in a string of school burglaries in the area in five weeks.

Deputies say the investigation is ongoing and it’s not known if the previous burglaries are related.

Sage Canyon School on Harvest Run Drive was burglarized Tuesday. Officials did not reveal what was stolen.

Rancho Diegueno Country School at 15663 Circo Diegueno Road in Del Mar was burglarized between July 1 to 4. Apple computers were taken officials said.

Someone broke into Ocean Air Elementary School at 11444 Canter Heights Drive in San Diego on July 8 and stole Apple computers according to investigators.

A map shows the proximity of the schools.

In 2012, six schools in North County were targeted in similar burglaries, where thieves broke through windows and stole iPads.

The suspects – who were part of a gang – were eventually captured and arrested.


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