Rancho Santa Fe

Woman Struck in Rancho Santa Fe Crash Said Teens Had Been Driving Recklessly

The seven teenagers were in a Toyota Four-Runner which only had five seat belts

A horrific crash sends seven teenagers and two children to the hospital Tuesday morning.

It happened in Rancho Santa Fe on Elfin Forest Road near Harmony Grove Road. 

Celia Ebrahimi, who was in one of the vehicles with her two children spoke to NBC 7 Tuesday evening, hoping to bring some awareness to reckless driving.   

Ebrahimi said an SUV with seven teenagers inside swerved over into her lane as it started tipping onto two wheels because the driver took the turn too fast.

She added a witness who was driving behind that red SUV told her that wasn’t the only reckless driving taking place.

He said he saw the SUV speeding and swerving in and out of lanes for some time and was about to call the police and report the driver when the accident happened.

At this time, the cause of the crash has not been determined. 

But Ebrahimi said she hopes this serves as a stern reminder to slow down on the roads and remember you could put other people’s lives in jeopardy, like her two boys.  

"The lives of my children were in his hands and I don't even know who he is," Ebrahimi said, speaking of the driver. "And it really upset me that he was driving so carelessly without any regard for anyone else on the road."

She told NBC 7 she can’t forget the image of the injured teens.  

"They were pulling these people out of the car and they were pulling these girls out and they were screaming and just covered in blood," she recalled. "They were putting them on the embankment in front of my car.  One of them, when they took her away on a stretcher--it still sticks with me--she had her arms crossed and she was screaming for her mother."

The teenagers were in a Toyota Four-Runner which only had five seat belts.

There’s no word yet on how those seven teenagers are doing. They were taken to local hospitals with injuries ranging from moderate to critical.

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