Rams Fans Have a Surprise For the Chargers

Supporters of L.A.'s first NFL team don't like another franchise on their turf

On Saturday the Chargers and Rams play their first game against one another where both of them will technically call Los Angeles home. If the Bolts are really going to “Fight For L.A.” then this is a chance to start gaining a foothold.

But Rams supporters have a little surprise they’re going to unleash at The Coliseum. Fan groups led by Rams Empire raised $1500 in a week through a GoFundMe campaign to have something made to claim their football ownership of the nation’s second-largest market.

The specifics will have to wait for Saturday but it’s going to be large and colorful and passed all throughout the stands during the exhibition game. The statement they want to send to the ownership group is simple: This is Rams territory and you are not welcome.

“I feel so badly for the fans of San Diego,” said Angel Fabela with Rams Empire. “They have loved their team for 50 years and because the owner chose to be a carpetbagger they lost out. We know what it’s like to lose our team. I also felt bad for the fans in St. Louis. My husband and I used to travel to watch them play there. We remained faithful. We could not be happier the team that truly belongs here is back.”

For many Rams fans the Chargers in town is an annoyance. For many others it spurs a burning hatred.

“To have the Chargers try to push their way in on this city is just wrong,” said Fabela. “We don’t need two teams here. We don’t want them here.”

Rams Empire wants to be clear that this expression of turf staking is not aimed at Chargers fans with which they really have no beef. It’s the Chargers ownership group that sits squarely in the crosshairs.

“It’s not the fans fault,” said Fabela. “I love San Diego. Always have.”

The Chargers said they wanted to fight for L.A. On Saturday, when the surprise is unveiled in the stands before kickoff, they might finally get a good look at just how big a fight they picked.

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