Rampage Leaves Path of Destruction

Driver now faces 3 felonies

A driver is facing at least three felonies after leading police on a wild chase in North Park that damaged 12 cars, including a police car.

The pursuit started a little before 8 p.m. on Friday on Interstate 805. The suspect was driving a stolen car at 90 miles per hour and refused to pull over, police said.

After exiting the freeway, the suspect's first collision came on 33rd and Monroe Street where he smashed the front hood of a police car. The two officers inside the car were not injured. The suspect then hit another car at the intersection of 33rd and El Cajon. That car only had minor damage. He kept going and hit an SUV with a woman inside at 28th and El Cajon Boulevard, police said. She was not injured. The suspect kept driving, turning onto Utah street where he crashed into at least three other cars before trying to get away on foot.

"I saw the guy jump out of the car and try to jump over the hood and I saw the cop tackle him on the ground, they drew guns, a dog came out, he gave up and they took him in," a witness said.

Police said the suspect was also driving drunk and will face at least three felonies.

"He caused a lot of destruction, and there's a lot of victims here in this case, and thank God we did not have any serious injuries,” San Diego Police Sergeant Art Doherty said, “We were real fortunate in this case."

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