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‘It's Intense': Ramona Voters Talk 2020 Election

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While most people view California as a deep blue state, that’s not the case everywhere. For decades, San Diego County was strongly Republican and in some areas that’s still the case.

Ramona is in the heart of the 50th Congressional District, still a dominant Republican district in the increasingly blue sea of southern California. Voters here spoke to NBC 7 about why they thought it was important to cast a ballot in this year's election.

"Because a couple presidential elections back I didn’t vote and I didn’t like the president I got, I don’t like some of the policies so I’m going to vote all the time now," said Deborah Scott.

"People are showing up to vote because they're tired of the way the situation has been in the past years and they want a change," said Paul Sirois.

The most recent voter registration numbers show 30% of the voters in this district are Democrats and 40% are Republicans. Some voters in Ramona say they feel that divide.

"It's intense. It's not just, 'I like this' or 'I don’t like that.' It's very intense. Everybody, when they make up their mind about something, it's definite," said Karen Azlin.

"I mean... on Facebook for sure, I’ve lost some of my friends, just from I don’t ever post anything but they're the opposite of what I believe and I thought we were all reasonable, logical people, but I guess not," said Stephanie Ott.

While California has voted for the Democratic presidential nominee since 1992, President Trump still earned 4 million votes here in the 2016 election. The only states where he received more votes were Texas and Florida.

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