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Rally to Reopen Churches Held in Front of County Administration Building

The rally was organized by several local pastors in San Diego County

Protest in front of the County Admin Building

Frustrated churchgoers are rallying to return to their places of worship. Hundreds of people gathered outside the County Administration Building Sunday, saying its time the state honors their need to get back inside their churches.

The rally was organized by several local pastors in San Diego County. People from several denominations were presenting a united front, saying they did see the coronavirus as a threat-- and were wearing masks and social distancing. But still, they say they can follow those rules and still return to church.

“It's an attack against the church, to be honest with you. They let the liquors stay open, they let marijuana dispensaries stay open, they let Home Depot stay open, they let Walmart stay open. I was in Walmart and no one was social distancing and I even saw some people without masks, but yet they still say close churches. That’s an abomination to me,” said Pastor Dennis Hodges from Church of Yeshua Ha Mashiach.

They say they want to follow the rules, but it’s time the government allowed them to return to church.

Several other churches in our county say they support the precaution to not gather and are still holding their services online each week.

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