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Rain On Your Wedding Day: County Changes Marriage Ceremonies During Storm

For those looking to tie the knot, the weather switched things up

For those looking to get hitched at the San Diego County administration building, this Valentine's Day, rain and mud made administrators change up the usual ceremony. 

Still, the wet weather didn't deter 150 couples in the county from getting married Thursday. 

"That is quite a lot," said Ernie Dronenburg, Assessor for the county and commissioner of Civil Marriages. "Especially because it's raining outside." 

There are four county admin buildings total to get married in San Diego County. About 75 couples got married at the location at Pacific Highway downtown.  

"We didn't even plan it on Valentine's Day," said Thomas Beckwith, a U.S. Marine marrying his sweetheart Thursday. "I was just hoping my uniform wouldn't get too wet in the rain!" 

Some accommodations had to be made because of the winter storm. 

"We usually work outside but because of the rain and muddy grounds we decided no outside weddings," said Dronenburg. "We rented three other rooms inside so we could handle as many people that show up." 

And because it was Valentine's Day, couples who tied the knot in the morning got a special surprise - puppies!

The Helen Woodward Animal Center brought four orphaned puppies decked out in tutus and bow ties for couples to hold. 

Congratulations to all the happily hitched couples!

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