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Rain Leaves Behind Plenty of Potholes Across San Diego County

Since Friday, the City of San Diego has received more than 1,300 requests to repair potholes

After the rain, comes the rainbow. But in San Diego County, we get more potholes.

Since Friday, the City of San Diego has received more than 1,300 requests to repair potholes. Most of the requests were made through the city's new Get It Done app, launched in June, 2016.

A trio of storms slammed the County from Thursday until Tuesday morning, bringing rain, hail, wind and snow. In the aftermath, some streets across San Diego were left riddled with potholes.

Since the rain has stopped, crews were out in full force, working to repair the damage. There are 8 crews of two workers each responding to reports, as well as two crews for emergency pothole calls.

The city said it usually takes approximately seven days for crews to respond to a request. But because of the increased number of reports, it could take longer.

"The sidewalks are also bad, so there's not a lot of opportunity to either walk in the street or walk on the sidewalks, so it's a problem," said Jan Stamm, a Normal Heights resident.

Stamm told NBC 7, her husband put in a request through the app and hoped crews would get there fast.

"We have a lot more traffic in the neighborhood then we used to, so I think the pothole problem, it's gotten even worse, and it's more destructive to other people who come in to the neighborhood as well," she added.

Chritiana Mercier, another Normal Heights resident said she's lived in the area for years and potholes have caused problems to her car.

"I've lived here since 2011, and I've had to re-allign, or whatever that is, to re-adjust my car three times and replace my tires once," she said.

The city is encouraging residents to report potholes through the app or online.

The app will ask for a location, the type of repairs need and has an option to add a picture.

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