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Rain Affecting Preps For Circus Vargas Show at Del Mar Fairgrounds

Circus Vargas is expecting at least 40,000 people to attend, a spokesperson said

Three different storms are expected to bring lots of rain to San Diego this weekend, which means extra prep time for outdoor venues hosting any big events.

For the staff of Circus Vargas at the Del Mar Fairgrounds, the show must go on.

Thousands of people are expected to attend the show and crews were hard at work on Wednesday to prepare for the rain.

According to a spokesperson for Del Mar Fairgrounds, the staff has a checklist it goes through in the event that it rains.

On Wednesday, street sweepers cleared out debris in the 350-acre area so drains don’t clog and create a muddy parking lot.

“It's like a storm ticket if you will,” said Gary Reist, with the Del Mar Fairgrounds. “So we do everything we can to make sure we're clean and neat and orderly with our storm drain systems and don't discharge this to the river.”

Workers also set up a large tent to make sure guests and performers are out of the rain.

“Once it's up, this tent does not leak,” said Katya Quiroga. “We take measures to keep water from the outside coming into the tent as well, so that people don't get their feet wet.”

Quiroga told NBC 7, Circus Vargas is expecting at least 40,000 people to attend.

“All of this equipment is made in Italy. It's made for the rain for the snow, for the wind. When they had the worst rains in Pasadena some years ago, with 130 mile an hour winds, everything blew away. One hundred year old trees fell, but our tents stood,” she said.

The Del Mar Fairgrounds also has a surveillance system to track and prevent any flooding in the area.

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