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Superhero Window Cleaners Surprise Patients at Rady Children's Hospital

Young patients at the hospital in San Diego were able to chat and take photos with Spider-Man, Captain America and other superheroes – and even help them get the job done

Sporting capes, tights and masks, a fleet of superheroes descended on Rady Children’s Hospital in San Diego Tuesday, surprising young patients while cleaning the windows at the facility.

Employees from the El Cajon-based company, A Plus Window Cleaning, dressed up in superhero costumes – including Spider-Man, Captain America, Superman, Batman, Green Latern and The Flash – and cleaned the windows of the Acute Care Pavilion at Rady Children’s Hospital for several hours.

As they worked, awestruck little patients and their loved ones looked on. After all, it’s not every day that you see Spider-Man doing chores.

The superheroes stopped to pose for photos with patients and even gave the little ones a pep talk or two.

“We’re all superheroes,” Captain America said to one boy. “You’re a hero, too.”

The boy beamed, nodding his head.

The superhero visit is a tradition at Rady Children’s Hospital, meant to surprise and entertain patients and their families while they deal with difficult health hurdles.

Roselle Roseta, whose son is recovering from neurosurgery, said it was a wonderful gesture that her family certainly appreciated.

Her older son, Dominick, was at the hospital worried about his little brother when the superheroes walked in. Suddenly, everything seemed okay.

“It looks like his dream has come true,” Roseta told NBC 7.

Before this moment, Dominick had only seen superheroes in movies and toy figurines.

“Now, he gets to see them in real life,” his mom said, smiling.

Dominick was invited to help Captain America and Spider-Man clean the windows. He happily assisted, using a squeegee. Captain America let him wear his shield on his back, too.

Roseta said her kids don’t typically clean windows at home but now, they just might do that – and maybe even more of their chores.

“For Captain America and Spider-Man to get him to do something that I can’t, is definitely pretty exciting for me,” the mother added.

Roseta said the visit from the superheroes was just what her family needed. It helped them – especially Dominick – get their minds off the surgery and brightened up their day.

Roseta spotted the superheroes right after getting the news that her son was recovering from the surgery and doing better.

“Having this greet you from that kind of news is kind of that cherry on top,” she added. “I’m really thankful.”

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