Racing the Independence Day Clock

Fireworks will go on in San Marcos not matter what

Some North County residents are hopeful despite the fact that their Fourth of July fireworks fund-raising has fallen short, according to a published report.

The volunteer committee that raises money for San Marcos' annual Fourth of July fireworks display has only collected about $11,000 so far, putting it short of its $20,000 goal, reported the North County Times.

Assistant director of community services for the city, Holly Malan, said Monday the show will go on no matter what -- especially since the city has already signed a fireworks display contract with Rialto-based Pyro Spectaculars. Malan said organizers and city officials are committed to this year's celebration for another reason as well.

"Especially in these economic times, we want to continue with our family tradition," she said. "Somehow, we're going to make it work."
As the list of donors dwindles and restrictions in city policy prohibit the use of city funds for the event, San Marcos residents hope for a last-minute miracle.
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